Automating Customer Onboarding with RPA: A Case Study of a Bank’s KYC Project in Bermuda

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The US-Based retail store chain was dealing with High error reporting in the invoicing process, One-Many relationship between PO and invoices, Validation and payment were tiresome because of the varied product line, Ownership challenges due to distributed structure at an area level, Tracking and responding back on time was getting difficult resulting in poor partner experience


The Client, one of four licensed banks in Bermuda, is facing challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic to serve new customers and onboard them. Currently, new customers are required to visit the bank's branches to fill in forms for customer onboarding, and manual validation of documents is required to verify customer details. This has resulted in high call flow at the call center due to closed branches, and delays in onboarding due to low staff availability. The Client is looking to automate the banking KYC project by leveraging RPA to address these challenges.
What We Can Do

Our Expectations

Integrate the RPA bot with the Client's existing chatbot.
Validate customer KYC documents with the online application.
Provide a comprehensive delivery plan with detailed milestones and timelines.
Offer support for maintenance and troubleshooting for the duration of the project.
Provide secure and encrypted data storage and transmission.
Capacity to scale up its resources if the project requires additional resources.


Where Can We Help?

Our Solution

TechnePlus provided an automated customer onboarding solution to help the Client address the challenges due to Covid-19. This solution leveraged the RPA workforce to automate the customer onboarding process. The bot was integrated with the bank chatbot to fetch customer KYC documents and validate customer details with the online application.

This eliminated manual validation of documents for customer onboarding, reduced the call flow at the call center, and reduced delays in onboarding due to low staff availability. The automated customer onboarding solution also improved business users reporting, and maintenance reporting and provided APIs.


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