Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at TechnePlus

The world we work and live in is full of diversity and powered by innovation.  

To be successful in such a world, we need to create an environment where diversity of thought is cherished, and a profile is created that represents the world we live and work in. A culture that makes everyone feel equal, included, valued and gives an opportunity to everyone to grow and flourish to their full potential, where we enjoy working with differences and know that differences make us grow. 

At TechnePlus, diversity, equity and inclusion form the core value and culture where the skills are honored, and accomplishments are celebrated. People at TechnePlus are one family with no classifications and no space for discrimination. Every individual is treated alike in terms of rewards, recognition and opportunity. 

The TechnePlus Diversity & Inclusion initiative has four focus areas:

Capability & Skill Development: We assess our current gaps, develop awareness and advance capabilities to manage unconscious bias. At TechnePlus, we build culture and competencies to improve diversity and inclusivity. We do this by offering a blend of in-person workshops, virtual sessions and E-learning programs. We also conduct workshops for our senior leadership and all other employees around the globe.

Communication: Our organization builds awareness at all levels, generates visibility, and encourages a culture of diverse views through sustained communication and human resource groups.

Recruitment and Talent: We prioritize hiring a diverse workforce of both genders and nationalities. The decision to hire is based on the individual’s skill and not on caste, gender, color or society.

Diversity and Inclusion Council: The Diversity and Inclusion Council at TechnePlus has been formed to ensure that our DE&I program achieves its multi-pronged objectives.

We at TechnePlus believe that providing a diverse culture with equal and open opportunities for all to flourish creates an unbiased consciousness which leads to a sustainable and happy workplace & society. TechnePlus is proud in creating a happier place to work and leading a change in the society we live in.