Driving Revenue and Expansion Goals through Data Insights and Business Intelligence Post-COVID: A Bermuda Bank Case Study

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The US-Based retail store chain was dealing with High error reporting in the invoicing process, One-Many relationship between PO and invoices, Validation and payment were tiresome because of the varied product line, Ownership challenges due to distributed structure at an area level, Tracking and responding back on time was getting difficult resulting in poor partner experience


The client is a licensed bank in Bermuda looking to drive revenue and expansion goals through analytics post-COVID. The client is facing two main challenges. The first challenge involves the low re-utilization of existing data insights, analytics models and business intelligence (BI) dashboards despite the same data source. The second challenge involves multiple isolated data sources, making data pulling and publishing inefficient.
What We Can Do

Our Expectations

Design an analytics solution that meets the immediate business requirements and provide mission-critical insights for decision-making.
Identify potential analytics opportunities through discussions with Business users and other stakeholders.
Develop a solution that provides a unified global platform to serve as a single source of truth for analysts.


Where Can We Help?

Our Solution

TechnePlus delivered the following comprehensive solutions to the client to set up and facilitate a global discussion forum to benchmark and standardize the analytics/BI practice with the regional business leaders:

  • Developed an intuitive and user-friendly platform to enable two-way communication between the global team and regional business leaders. This platform allowed for an effective exchange of ideas, challenges, and requirements.
  • Leveraged existing regional data to generate insights through advanced analytics and BI dashboards. This enabled the global team to quickly produce actionable insights that could be used to inform decision-making.
  • Established a roadmap to standardize BI/Analytics solutions across the organization. This roadmap was based on the feedback received from the regional business leaders, who were able to provide a clear picture of the current challenges and pressing requirements.
  • Implemented a process to ensure that all regional teams were on the same page and following the same standards for BI/Analytics. This enabled the global team to monitor and evaluate the performance of each regional team and provide necessary guidance.

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