Enabling an Enterprise Architecture modernization program for Large European Investment house with an interconnected and automated operational ecosystem.

Growing With Our Clients


The US-Based retail store chain was dealing with High error reporting in the invoicing process, One-Many relationship between PO and invoices, Validation and payment were tiresome because of the varied product line, Ownership challenges due to distributed structure at an area level, Tracking and responding back on time was getting difficult resulting in poor partner experience

Problem Statement

The Client Wanted to Modernize the Application Stack with API Orchestration for MS Dynamics-365, Automation and Enterprise Service Bus. Objective:
1. Wanted to establish an interconnected and automated operational ecosystem
2. Wanted to simplify the existing complex Integration framework in a smarter way
3. Reduce/eliminate up-stream and downstream process duplicating data into disparate systems

What We Can Do

Our Expectations

A solution that can assure Real time data sync across all underlying system for consistent data values
Ensure data change log is maintained
Manage complex data massaging rules during data transit
Minimum touchpoint and maximum automation

Used Technology

Where Can We Help?

Our Solution

The solution was derived based on the initial consulting assignment carried over 5 business functions and 27+ processes. Resulting in

  • 27+ system touchpoints identified  
  • 3+ processes automated 
  • 7+ Inhouse custom applications leveraged by staff got unified and automated​ 
  • Leveraged Process Excellence practices to streamline processes across the value chain
  • Future recommendation of a lake house architecture with BI roadmap
  • Boomi IPaaS leveraged to integrate 7+ Applications 
  • Created a connector-based solution for processing back-office work, Digital Middle Office for the Higher Investment Business. 

+ Automation


SLA adherence


Better user experience

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