Modernizing Data Management: A Case Study on a CPG Multinational’s Transformation Journey

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The US-Based retail store chain was dealing with High error reporting in the invoicing process, One-Many relationship between PO and invoices, Validation and payment were tiresome because of the varied product line, Ownership challenges due to distributed structure at an area level, Tracking and responding back on time was getting difficult resulting in poor partner experience


The CPG multinational seeks to improve its business decisions by setting up a modern data management ecosystem to consolidate its data from every entity and SKU, promote the use of dashboards for insights and decisions over traditional reports, automate FP&A reporting value chain, and utilize AI for production and supply chain planning. Additionally, the CPG multinational needs to create an efficient and streamlined data management process that will allow for improved financial planning, product planning, and supply chain decisions.
What We Can Do

Our Expectations

Ability to track and trace data from source to destination.
Automated FP&A reporting process with minimal manual intervention.
Utilization of AI and Machine Learning for SKU manufacturing and proactive logistics planning.
Secure migration of local data to a reliable and future-ready platform.


Where Can We Help?

Our Solution

  • Moving Data to Azure Cloud: To move data to Azure Cloud without impacting the current work equilibrium, TechnePlus used a phased approach by breaking the data migration process into multiple phases. This was done by first transferring the most important data, ensuring that the current work equilibrium is not affected, and the data is transferred in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Introducing Azure ML Stack: To unleash the power of huge data sets for predictive insights, Azure ML Stack was used. This allowed the client to easily access, analyze and manipulate large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This also provided the ability to gain insights from the data, which can then be used for predictive analytics.
  • Delivering 80+ Dashboards: To deliver 80+ dashboards, TechnePlus used a variety of tools and platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or Looker. These tools provided the ability to create interactive and visually appealing dashboards that can be easily understood and used by the user.
  • Affinity Analysis of Product Data: To predict proactive product planning, order booking, and supply management at a locality level, TechnePlus used an affinity analysis of product data. This analysis can help provide insights into the customer’s buying behaviour and preferences, which can be used to better plan product stocks and proactive ordering.
  • Solution Empowering SKUs: By using the tools mentioned above, the solution empowered SKUs to plan their product stocks and proactive ordering. This will help them to make better decisions based on the data that is available to them. Additionally, the budget exercise was expedited and became more accurate, which allowed the client to save time and resources.

Reduction in the Budget


Improvement in Sales


Reduction in Product Waste

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